capella 1200

capella 1200

A powerful music notation program to write, playback, and print your scores
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Capella 1200 is a powerful music notation program which allows any musician to write, playback, and print any score easily and intuitively. Designed for all type of users, its versatile input solutions and its extensive functionality cover the needs of both amateur and professional musicians. Its XML-based architecture will allow you to use your Capella scores with other prestigious notation programs such as Finale and Sibelius.
This complete piece of software offers you up to four different note entry methods. You can play your melody using a MIDI keyboard, and the program will write the corresponding notes for you. You can use your computer keyboard as a typewriter, and key in the notes using their traditional names (i.e. “C”), and change their values by combining them with certain keys. You can open its graphic MousePiano and enter the notes by clicking on its keys, and finally, you can click your mouse directly in the desired positions within a stave to create your notes. Its playback functionality will allow you to check your choices any time you wish.
Its editing functionality is certainly impressive. The program takes care of 99 per cent of the layout of your score, so you can spend your time in the creative process and leave the tedious editing process to Capella 1200. Changing bar lines, clefs, staves, time and key signatures, splitting systems, performing transpositions, and even extracting full parts from multi-instrumental scores, require just a click or two. It includes symbol palettes that cover 120 different graphic elements that you can insert anywhere in the layout with just one click. Besides, you can import text and graphics from other Windows applications just as easily.
Its playback capabilities cover up to 128 different voices, which can be selected and isolated at your discretion. It supports VST samplers, faithfully reproducing numerous VST effects.

Francisco Martínez
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  • XML support which allows for interchangable layout formats
  • Extensive list of features and functions, suitable for amateurs and professionals
  • Highly flexible note entry methods


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